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The Grand Scientific Symposium of the U.P. College of Medicine

Nature and History of UPMAF

UPMAF is a non-profit, non-stock foundation organized in 1984 by CM-UPM alumni, faculty, and parents of CM-UPM students initially through seed donations from CM-UPM Class 1959 and Class 1960. It was officially registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) last 16 July 1985 primarily to provide assistance to CM-UPM and PGH, towards achieving its vision, mission, and goals and objectives specifically geared towards advancement of medical education in the country, provide better health care delivery, assist, encourage, promote and support the development, improvement, and advancement of training programs, research and studies in medical education, medical sciences and other various fields of medicine in the Philippines.
These objectives were undertaken through different research programs, incentives awarded to qualified professor and personnel and provision for scholarship grants to undergraduate medical students. Activities were undertaken to increase available resources in support of the high standard goal.

In 25 November 1999, UPMAF was formally turned over to CM-UPM to become a college foundation. And to strengthen its manifest resolve as a college foundation, UPMAF signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the University of the Philippines Manila (UPM) last 6 July 2011 institutionalizing the recognition of the role of UPMAF as a college foundation of CM-UPM.

In 1993, former UP Manila Chancellor Dr. Alfredo T. Ramirez, then Dean of the UP College of Medicine, dreamed of bringing together the best scientific minds in the country in a grand symposium on total patient care. This, he envisioned, would mainstream current medical knowledge to general practitioners throughout the country.

This vision came to fruition through the efforts of the Post Graduate Institute of Medicine led by Dr. Federico Cruz and the resource Development Office under Dr. Carmelo Alfiler. On January 25-27,1994, the first UP Grand Scientific Symposium was held with the theme “Total Patient Care: Current and Practical Approaches” with Dr. Venancio Gloria as chair.

A Year later, Dr. Amelia Fernandez, who succeeded Dr. Ramirez as UPCM Dean, tapped the College’s alumni outside Metro Manila to organize the second GSS in Iloilo City. Since then, the GSS became a yearly event which brought together UP Alumni in an effort to upgrade health care education in the country through sharing of their knowledge and researches and through their own brand of leadership. The next years would se the GSS being held alternately in Manila and in the different regions of the country.

The following have been the themes of the past Grand Scientific Symposia:

1995 “Practical Approaches to Medical Problems,” chaired by Dr. Manuel Posecion
1996 “The Patient, The Family and The Community: A Comprehensive Approach to Health Care,” chaired by Dr. ZOrayda Leopando
1997 “Quality Health Care through Continuing Medical Education,” chaired by Dr. Honoria dela Cruz
1998 “Total Health Care for the Filipino: Current and Future Perspectives,” chaired by Dr. Alberto Roxas
1999 “The Art and Science of Patient Care Towards the New Millenium,” chaired by Dr. Reynaldo Cariaga
2000 “Total Health Care: Meeting the Challenges of the Times,” chaired by Dr. Joel Elises
2001 “Health Care at the Crossroads of the 21st Century: Issues and Concerns,” chaired by Dr. Jose Cueto
2002 “Controversies in Clinical Practice: Separating Fact from Fallacy,” chaired by Dr. Virgilio Novero
2003 “Old Diseases, New Concerns,” chaired by Dr. Victorio Cajita Jr.
2004 “Lifestyle Check: Preventing Diseases, Promoting Wellness,” chaired by Dr. Josephine Bundoc
2005 “Empowering the Mind and Body: Secrets Revealed,” chaired by Dr. Nila Tiangco-Torres
2006 “Emergencies and Disasters: Pearls for the 21st Century Primary Health Care Provider,” chaired by Dr. Charlotte Chiong
2007 “Managing Emergencies and Disasters in the 21st Century,” chaired by Dr. Meneleo Navarro
2008 “The Brain and Behavior: Optimizing Function from Birth and Beyond,” chaired by Dr. Leonor Cabral-Lim
2009 “Novel Therapies. . .Herbal Remedies. . .In the Age of Nano-Technology,” chaired by Dr. Jennifer Ann Mendoza-Wi

The Year 2010 would be the stage for the 17th Grand Scientific Symposium. The Theme would be¬- “Chief Complaint¬– PAIN.” This symposium would be the first and most comprehensive scientific symposium on the most common complaint that every patient addresses to medical practitioners in almost all medical and surgical specialties.

This symposium on pain would bring together a faculty of leading experts, pioneers, leaders and advocates in pain management in the country by showcasing the latest modalities of conservative, surgical and pharmaceutical control of pain afflicting the different organ systems of the body.

The 17th Grand Scientific Symposium on “Pain” is geared towards equipping the country’s primary care physicians, health educators and other health care providers the knowledge and skill to alleviate the most common complaint of our patient.

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